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FrostBite Board

Our FrostBite development board is the first target platform supported by the SnowFlake IoT framework, and is a great choice for new edge computing applications.

Integrated Solution

FrostBite brings together features needed for developing modern, wireless IoT solutions with minimal external components. We have integrated Li-Ion charging and battery management solution on-board.

Built With Partners

Based on the new Nordic nRF52840 System-on-Chip, we've built the platform together with Nordic Semiconductor, Fanstel and OKSHA.

  • COMPACT & POWERFUL - Powerful 64MHz ARM Corex M4F CPU with 256K RAM enable modern applications with high functionality
  • Li-Ion & LiPO BATTERY SUPPORT - Connect one-cell Li-Ion or LiPo battery directly to the board, and charge with USB with the integrated charger
  • LEVERAGE WIRELESS - Embedded soft radio supports Bluetooth 5, Thread and other protocols
For a limited time, the FrostBite board is available via our Indiegogo campaign, for reduced price!